Total Tokens: 75,000,000

Tokens in Circulation: 25,000,000

Token Price: ETH 0.001


How to play

The Adopt Your Friends ERC-20 Token: An Ethereum utility token for use exclusively with the Adopt Your Friends decentralized social media game.

Adopt tokens allows users to purchase digital items on the Adopt Your Friends Game platform for Facebook. Be the first to join the worlds first blockchain integrated game for social media.

Not Eligible to US Residents in: New York, Connecticut, Washington, Wyoming, Vermont, North Carolina, Hawaii, Georgia, Alaska or Alabama

Buy, Sell and Trade your social media friends (or friend-of-a-friend) using the Adopt Token and Ethereum smart contracts with provable blockchain ownership.

Our platform provides a fun way to collect and trade your connected social media friends, then assign unique attributes and features like “spirit animals”.

Mobile App

The Adopt Token

Our utility token is for use exclusively with the Adopt Your Friends game environment and Web3 application. Adopt tokens are the native currency for trading your friends and acquiring in-app items.

Once the crowdsale has ended, the only way to acquire Adopt tokens will be in-app at their retail value.

Decentralized Social Network Game

Tether your friends to smart-contracts and trade them on the Ethereum blockchain as fungible tokens. Ethereum technology provides a fun mechanism to transparently adopt a friend’s virtual identity, assign items, record nicknames, alter attributes and record permanent ownership.

Mobile App

Download our mobile dApp game or sign in and play on Facebook mobile games.

Buy your friend a virtual gift, send them credits or just buy your friend and gift them to another another friend ^.^

The Adopt Wallet

Download the Adopt wallet, the FIRST blockchain wallet to be integrated into popular social media platforms. Our wallet stores your Adopt Tokens and allows users to interact with the Adopt Your Friends auction marketplace.

Our dApp attempts to provide a fun experience for users to trade their friends via smart contracts. Users can Buy/Sell Adopt tokens or gift them to friends, but they are not available to secondary markets i.e. exchanges. The Adopt ERC-20 is designed to operate exclusively with the Adopt platform and wallet.

The Adopt Token

The official token for adopting your social media friends

Do I need an Adopt Token wallet?

Yes, the Adopt Wallet stores your Adopt tokens, Ether, and/or Bitcoin.

You can easily exchange ETH or BTC for ADOPT tokens in the app, or buy tokens through social media payment gateways (Facebook Payments for eligible users)

Where can I find or use the token?

Adopt (ERC-20) tokens are the native currency to the Adopt Your Friends wallet and platform. They operate in conjunction with (ERC-223) tokens, non-fungible (ERC-721) items & their associated smart contracts. Our platform is intended to be fun and introduce the 2.77 billion social media users to a practical use case for integrating blockchain applications (dApps). 

How it all works

The Adopt Your Friends game tethers social media users, unique items and assigned attributes with Ethereum smart contracts, to provide a fun way to exchange your friends ^^

The Adopt ERC-20 token works in conjunction with other protocol tokens & serve as a medium for purchasing non-fungible (unique/rare) items, friends and interacting with descending clock auctions.

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The Adopt Token

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